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Wrath of Words

A familiar word game with a twist! Eight game/board styles (seven in single player) from classic to blind luck. Try for the highest word and game score possible in single player mode, or play with a stranger in two player mode and try to get the highest score! Mystery squares on the board can wreak havoc on your game if you dare to play on them! The rewards can be great if you take the risk! What are the risks? What are the rewards? You'll find out!!! Each game style is easy to play and some styles last longer than others.

In the special Wrath mode, you can plant bombs to annoy your opponent and cause them to lose their points when they play!

An internet connection is required to play as your games are stored on a remote server.

This version is a free ad-supported version. A paid version (minus the ads) will be released shortly.

This is a beta version. If you have any problems, please let me know at the developer address. I don't expect it to run on every Android device out there. The higher the resolution, the better the processor, the more memory your device has, the better the experience should be :)


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